$30 Yoyo Sale, DC HiTops Worn Worlds 4A finals 2012

Selling these throws each for $30 each, shipping included unless you live in Alaska or out of the US. Some are rare while others are just a good grab.

Send me a message if you’re interested, and we can figure things out from there.

$30 Yo-yo Sale

  1. HSPIN Envy Played with Seldom, No Dings or scratches
  2. One Drop M1 - Small Cosmetic Flaw, Perfect Spin with no Vibe, Plays like Competition Ready
  3. YoyoJam Eric Koloski Kaos 1 Worlds 2007 Edition, Excellent Playing Condition
  4. YoyoJam Triple Jam - In Smooth Playing Condition, Great collector’s Yo-yo.

I am also selling my DC Hi-Tops that I wore twice at worlds, once for my 3 minute freestyle and once for the YoyoJam Team Dinner. They size 9 Men’s US, are in superb condition, look like they haven’t even been worn. Send me a message if you are interested in these, looking for $35 or best offer. Trying to pay for rent this summer.