3 yo 3 Bass Line 2 impressions

I have been playing for 4 years. I say this because when I was new to yoyo, I would not put this perspective into context when I was reading an opinion. I would purchase a yoyo, and then have a totally different experience and wonder what was going on. This is the kind of yoyo that I did not enjoy when I was new to yoyo, due to the high walls. As it stands, I get my knuckles smashed with this yoyo when I get sloppy (majority of the time) often. It will not generally be as forgiving as any wide gap, wall-free yoyo. That said, it is also part of what makes this yoyo fun to me now. I have never played another 3 yo 3 yoyo, so I cannot compare it to the original Bass Line.

I have owned the Bass Line 2 for 5 days now and played it for about 9 hours. This yoyo is silly smooth. Rejections due to the shape happen often, and happen early. What I mean by happen early, is that compared to a v-shape, the round and even curvature of the Bass Line makes that rejection happen with less angle than is necessary to achieve the same rejection with my Valor, for example. This is not bad or good necessarily, but can simply change the dynamic and timing of the rejection.

I would describe the play as slightly bouncy, but with a medium string presence which makes it still very controllable. I hate it when yoyos hit the end of the string hard, and this yoyo does nothing of the sort. It makes a very pleasant sound during play that reminds me of the Hat Trick or Torrent 2 which I used to own. It plays very naturally and comfortably at a medium pace. I feel the pacing on it is perfect for the shape and for my style. Any slower and it would drag during faster play. Any faster and the gap/walls would make it require more accuracy than I can keep going at speed. I prefer and play lighter yoyos, with my heaviest being my Sleipnir at 66g. This yo with Ultra-Lights weighs in at 65.6g and feels perfect to me.

A specific trick where the 360 suicide requires almost a flicking motion to get the string segments to open up properly is the only trick in my repertoire that I am unable to perform on this yoyo. I am fairly consistent executing this trick with my other yoyos, so it it is really strange to me and I can only surmise that the high wall is preventing the segments from opening up properly with my current technique.

The charcoal blast feels very similar to the broken in blast on my Chief/Nessie, but I have a ways to go before I have broken the Bass Line blast in like I have with the Chief/Nessie. The blast combined with the shape make it super comfortable to catch and hold.

Absolutely love the choice to move to OD side effects. Never having to worry about ruining a yoyo due to threading issues is never a bad thing to me.

EDIT: Here is the Bass Line 2 in action!

You can even make bad jokes out of tricks because of the unique name! For example:

I’m too lazy to make a proper review, but this yoyo is easily my #1 favorite. The blast just gets better and better. Wouldn’t mind getting another in citrus!

Thanks for posting this! I always love hearing feedback about my throws and I’m glad you’re enjoying it ;D

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I love mine. It’s definitely a smooth operator

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Thank you for making the Bass Line 2! If I ever meet you in person, I’m buying you a chicken dinner, maybe even a chicken diner!

Updated OP with a couple of silly videos while using the Bass Line. The videos are kind of like a chicken diner. Just remember that not all dinners at the diner will always be great.

I love the Bassline 2. Very comfortable yoyo to throw and feels really nice and bouncy on the string. Very unique feeling blast as well.

That being said, I feel the gap is just a tad too small. I use thicker string (YYSL Ammo) and have found the BL2 to be a bit snaggy for my liking. I’ve had it bust my knuckles a fair amount of times, which makes my play a bit more on edge than I would like to with such a chilled out and comfy throw.

Still a great yoyo by any measure though. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing your opinions on it, Gambit! Markmont Classic might be a better fit?