3 Years Of Yoyo'ing

Its been a long road. In 3 year’s of yoyo’ing I’ve made so many friends, met so many people, have had so many opportunity’s and have gotten sponsored by the one and only, Onedrop Yoyo’s!

When it came to my 3 year video, it was a big deal for me. I took my time to plan out all the filming and editing and I think it came out decent. At the beginning of the video I show my past in yoyo’ing… past video’s and past shows I have done. Then comes my current footage and tricks. I’ll keep having fun and pushing myself… yoyo’ing has treated me great and its something I can say that I love and it will always stick with me.

I have came good friends with quite a few of you (you know who you are… I wont name any names, I will end up forgetting someone, hah.) and I cant thank you all enough for what all you have done. Onedrop has treated me great. David and Shawn from Onedrop are 2 of the most coolest guy’s I know, and I’m glad to be part of their team. The Onedrop team has some of the best thrower’s and I see potential in the whole team. I’m so glad to be part of it!

So, I’ll stop rambling, haha… here’s the video!:

Youtube keeps messing up my video/audio around 0:33, maybe its just for my computer, i dont know… but i cant help it, so i’ll keep it up on here as-is.

So smooth and fluent, great job Alex!

terrible grammer, but who gives two hoots for the stuff? Always great to see such a talented yoyoer.

terrible grammer? oh, you mean grammar… :wink:

but thank you sir!

UPDATE: video added to Youtube.

Nice job, Keep it up

Amazing, without going fast, thats what we need to see moreo of these days.