2sick decoy, 2009ish general yo, prototype yoyo factory

So i have 3 yoyos
Up for grabs today. Would prefer to sell as im saving up for something.

All prices include shipping within the us.

But would trade for a bvm 1 or gnarwhal 1

-2sick x unspoken decoy-mint condition-75

-old General yo, forget the model- near mint, pictured worst mark. 3 minor marks elsewhere. Believe colorway was 1/25.

Would like 100 shipped OBO im reasonable. Dont know current market.

-proto type YYF canon- mint- they ended up using a v shape, this one is organic and plays extremely well. Neat throw that will not pop up again!

75 OBO shipped for this as im not sure how many exist??

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General-Yo is a Lime Stew Majesty

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Thank you for the info! Ive been out of the loop forever. Lol

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