2A stalling problem

Hello, I have been having a problem with 2A I am enjoying learning it but 2 handed alternation loops is giving me a problem, the Yoyo’s I use are the 1080’s and they stall when I loop at the end of the string, anyone have advice? Thank you

Lube the bearings.

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Make them more responsive by your favorite method.

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Thank you

Well, you couldn’t give more worthless helpful advice than that, lol.

If the guy had a favorite method to prevent stalling, why would he post up his problem in the first place?

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No, I said your favorite method to increase responsiveness, not prevent stalling. If you don’t loop, it’s possible you don’t understand the correlation between responsiveness and looping behavior.

Throw them a touch harder. These yoyos like a more aggressive style.

That is a very. Valid point. I can’t argue about that.

Thanks for the Clarification.