2A Discussion Thread

Anyway, I’ve been very motivated to practice. Normally I’d only yoyo 5-10 minutes a day even when I was playing mainly 1A. But now I could go for 30 minutes to an hour. It’s amazing, really. Felt very inspired to do something.

But I’ve always wanted to make a strict practice routine to get my basics locked down and to keep myself focused. So I downloaded a time interval (Seconds) app on my iPhone usually used for workouts and used that to help me lay out my 2A practice ‘workout’ routine.

I’d give a 2-5 minutes for each trick where I only do that trick and only that trick. For example, I’d set gravity pull for 2 minutes, around the world for 3, and left or right inside loops for 5
I put 10 minutes on each 2-handed trick.

In total of one hour I just went over all the basic 2A tricks.
If you have at least one hour to spare to work on your 2A, I recommend the same. Keeps you focused and it’s super productive.

I figured I’d also share my practice routine so you guys have an idea what I meant.

Gravity Pull - 2min
Sleeper [5sec] - 2min
Forward pass - 3min
Around the World[forward and backward] - 3min
Loop the Loop - 5min
Outside Loop - 5min
Hop the Fence - 5min
Outside Hop - 5min

2H loop [10]
2H outside loop [10]
2H milk the cow (10)
2H outside hop (10)

Feel free to adjust to your preferences and the tricks you’re currently working on. For me right now I’m just solidifying my basics before I move on to other tricks.


Darn. And I thought my guitar schedule was strict…

Great job kuya!

I try my best to practice every single day if my schedule permits it. School and work are kinda in the way of my practicing, but I try my best.
I just developed this practice routine a couple days ago so I still have a lot of work to do. Putting this to the test slowly but surely though.
Thanks though!

I bought another 100count 50/50 'cause my other pack is running low and I also got myself 100count 100% poly. Testing both types of string to see which ones I prefer. So far, I’m sticking with 50/50 but poly is fun to play with also.

Has anyone seen the special edition Fireball colors exclusive in Hiroyuki’s store? I think they look so good. Look it up.

They look sweet.

Wow, I just realized that today is this thread’s birthday; I’ve created this thread exactly last year. Twenty two pages, over 9000 (no lie) views, and lots of useful information later, I am surprised and amazed by how much we have discussed in one year. I should probably keep tabs on the most useful posts and put links on my very first post for easy access for first timers…

Lots have changed since then, but I hope everybody is still keeping up with their 2A. I’m still here practicing, bought a ton more loopers, and I’m more motivated to play double handed than I am with 1A.

Thank you very much everybody for keeping this thread alive. This thread is the only reason why I make time to visit the forums even with my very busy schedule.
Here’s to another year and may more awesomeness to come.

Keep the fire lit and keep on looping.


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My 1080 came in the mail yesterday but I’m not gonna open/use it till tomorrow (My Birthday)

expect lots of questions soon!

Happy Birthday, SkyHighYo!
How are the 1080s? :smiley:

I like it a lot. Blue/pink looks rad. For now, I like how it’s lighter than a raider… who knows if my preference will change as my skill increases . I’ve been playing with it how it came straight out of the package. Should I lube it up or do anything to the spacers or anything? Also still haven’t fiddled with the allen wrench/gap setting. Basically scared or unsure of what I should do to it lol

Also, getting two modded raiders from azunyan. Too good of a deal to pass up

Double b-day? :smiley:

Yay! Lol…

EDIT: Check out the very first post on the first page! I put all the essential links a 2A player should know. More to come and it will be updated as much as I can.

I was disappointed when yoyoing.com went offline 'cause it had some useful guides there. I’ve finally found some archived posts of some of the best guides yet. They’re super old, but the information is still gold.

Shawn’s Looping Guide

The Mod Squad -

The Complete Guide to Yoyoing

*I understand the link is from a different store, but I’m not trying to take business away from YYE. This is for informational purposes only.

Hi guys!
I have a pair of loop 900s (Shaqler Edition) and Unleased. One of my 900s has gone whack. It literally shakes the string when I throw it. I’ve tried switching the guts with the other one, and it works perfectly. So I’ll just buy a new pair of spacers and a bearing. I’ll also pick up a 100 pack of 5050 string. I prefer the unleashed, I feel the response is better. I’m working on synchronizing my two handed loops. I can do them, but they’re super sloppy.

What up, J? The Shaqler 900s are amazing yoyos and I think they play better and are sturdier than regular 900s. Yeah, try purchasing a pack of Raider plastic spacers and plug that in to your 900s. It should play nice :]

How well can you do one handed loops of each hand? [as in, not doing 2handed loops at the same time]

1080 is a beast. I pretty much got infinite inside loops down without moving my forearm very much–hand/finger doing most of the work. Working on alternating inside/outside now as well as inside loops with my left hand. Idk why just basic loops are so addicting, but they are.

Definitely going to order another 1080 tonight.

Would I have to sand the raider spacers? I can do them, maybe 5 per hand.

Oops the app was acting up.

Oops the app was acting up.

Oops the app was acting up.

It’s worth sending them to me. I think Christian can testify for me.