2A cow wraps

hi guys, do you know where to find tutorial videos on doing cow wraps? I still cant do a continous cow wrap… it’s really hard especially when there’s no one to teach you…

You won the phillepines nationals i 2a and dont know how to do cow wrap?
Do you know the structure of the trick/

search youtube, thee is bound to be something there.

@YoYoExpert: Could you put cow wrap up in the 2a section?

In the future we hope to have more 2A tutorials but it won’t be for sometime.

i’m not bragging about winning our nationals, here in the philippines, we have many good players in 1A, 4A, and 5A… i’m just one of those few 2A players who have much experience in playing 2A… There are a few 2A players in our country, but i’m planning to step up to improve the level of 2A play, that’s why i’m asking if there are tutorials,

i know how to do the trick, i just want to have tips on how to do those complicated wrap tricks, so when i learn them, i’ll be able to teach those new generation of 2A players in the philippines… :wink:

@yoyo expert
thanks for considering it, i hope you can put ups tutorial section soon… :wink: