2a armband


hey guys i was wondering what and how you get the 2a armband thing or can you make one please respond.

(Chase Baxter) #2

You can buy one for more thats better material at a Sports store by the basketball stuff, or you can buy a fake tattoo sleeve that usually come in pairs at a Halloween store for cheaper that work just as good.


Opaque tights. Smallest adult size you can find. Cut hole for fingers if necessary (you can also get footless ones) and hole for thumb.


I got one do I have to cut holes for thumb or can I just wear on my arm

(Chase Baxter) #5

I don’t think it matters, I just wear mine with out holes for my thumb. I never tried with thumbs.


A?right thanks I got a 20 dollar underarmour one I love it

(Chase Baxter) #7

Thats what I have ;D , One thing I like is since it’s halloween and theres all those stores, I can just go get tattoo sleeves! And lol, just for fun, I’m being Tyler Severance for halloween :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not even a Tyler fan though, I was just joking with my friend about it and got one to laught about.


yeah i saw a couple. i would wear tattoo sleeve for practice, and the under armour for contests. I saw a tattoo sleeve for 5 dollars at partycity also.