28 Stories Sasquatch, Mint Black Phenomizm

Hello. The last deal that I participated in I got scammed out of 200$. It was stupid of me and it’s not going to happen again. For this reason, you will pay me first. If you don’t like it, please don’t even post. Prices are firm. Paypal only. I will ship UPS 3-day w/ tracking.

First up, 28s Sasquatch. has 3 very, very tiny pin pricks from hitting my watch while throwing. That’s how small. I tried to get the biggest one on camera, but even my average quality web cam can’t pick them up. Fantastic throw, super smooth, and the all-around great product you’d expect from CLYW. 110$. Original Box.



Second, and lastly, a mint black PHENOMizm. Mint, barely thrown, it’s awesome. Nothing else to say really, It’s exactly how it came from YYE because I only threw it once or twice. Doesn’t get the attention it deserves. 50$. Original Box.

(Sorry about this picture, the mirror finish really got in the way of the camera haha)