28Stories Sasquatch FOR SALE


Hurts to do this, but I could use some extra cash right about now and this is probably my best bet.

This is a 28 stories sasquatch, recently available on yoyoexpert/various yoyo stores. It is in perfectly mint condition. Been thrown a bit, but it’s in absolute perfect condition with untampered guts (stock bearing/silicone). Plays incredible, like any CLYW should. Definitely my favorite yoyo they’ve produced thus far. I am NOT accepting trades. No trades. None at all. None. If you offer me a yoyo I will assume you do not know how to read, which will really confuse me considering you found this topic in the first place.

Price: $110 or highest offer

Glamour shots:




Thanks for looking, if you are interested send me a PM or email me at aronbendet@gmail.com


thats the coolest 28s ive ever seen
the colors are so vibrant

(system) #5