2017 trading cards




Yes I meant to ask @AndreBoulay about that link a while back, thanks for the reminder: cards.yoyoexpert.com is kaput!

({John15}) #44

@codinghorror, so you now have a complete set?


I do, yes… I have a lot of extras here again, I need to add up how many and see how close it is to another complete set.

(ClockMonster) #46

I have a lot of unopened card packs. I don’t collect cards, but unchecking the free cards in my cart didn’t seem to do anything whenever I ordered from YYE, so I have what must be hundreds of cards I have no use for.


I’d pay shipping for those if you’re not going to do anything with them :slight_smile:


Or me


I have tons of cards. If someone is willing to pay shipping plus a few dollars to make up for my time, I’m willing to sell them.


Do the holo cards still exist? As in, still being made


What do you mean? The two “legend” cards in the 2017 set? Those have a gold foil thing going on unlike the other cards.


Not sure how long it’s been since I got one but they were that “flip flop” type where the image would shift when you’d look from different angles


So if anyone wants to grab those extras from @WH0TH3MAN let me know what numbers you have as extras, I’m getting the extras from @zslane , maybe we can start something where we can send all the extras to someone, they take what they need then send them off to someone else and so on. Each time someone adds their extras and takes what they need.

Just a thought?

(ChrisFrancz) #54

These are my doubles. I really want an Ann Connolly card. Does anyone need these and / or have an Ann card to trade?
Edit 11/29/18: Or an Ann card I can send you a dollar and a self-addressed stamped envelope for?

(Ethan Evans) #55

I really only care for a zach gormley card… Some day


I have a bunch of unopened cards. Would swap for a string cutter, the cheap plastic one.

(ChrisFrancz) #57

That does sound like a good idea. The logistics of connecting interested parties… I wish a whole set could be purchased new but I understand the concept of them being given with purchases and then letting people have fun and trade…


I’m trying to build a set of cards too. I would be interested in buying unopened packs or extras that someone might have.

(ChrisFrancz) #59

I posted my extras above. Need em they’re yours…


I have a bunch I have not even opened to see what they are…

(ChrisFrancz) #61

Aaaah, that would drive me crazy!