2013 Superstar exact price ?


Hey. So I was wondering if I should wait for the new 2013 Superstar instead of getting the Czechmate. I have about $90, and I’m afraid it’ll cost a common YYF price of $84.99 (also + $5.58 shipping).``


I hear $80.

I wanna get one. I’m tempted to get 2.


I also hear $80. But it might be a little bit more… ($85 or something)


Well it says $79.99 on the New Releases page:


Flip! Thats very decent indeed! Gotta love the YYF value for money, I’m all over that. =)


I have to agree. Sometimes stuff comes out with an incredible value. I think this is one of them.


Thanks for posting the link! I checked the blog because I thought an annoucement for it would be on there. And it wasn’t…but I didn’t think to check on the new releases page!


Dude you are aware we will have to pay alot more for it ._.


Not if you can buy it from a UK merchant.


sadly yes still


I’ve noticed for the most part, prices around the world end to stay relatively close. I will admit sometimes I see prices way off between the US and Japan. I regularly check a store in Japan for their prices. Sometimes their prices tend to be a few dollars more. In some cases, I’ve found prices over $30 less expensive.

I haven’t checked any UK stores. Is this not available? At any rate, the $79.99 price is really good. I got one of these 2013 SuperStars and I’m really enjoying it. Definitely another score for YYF when it comes to value to performance.


Unfortunately YYF EU enjoy ramping the prices up over here, meaning that the new Superstars cost the equivalent of $115.00 for us UK residents. A shocking increase and many people were rightly unhappy about it. Luckily the owner of our UK store is such a decent guy that he sent them out with free next-day shipping to soothe the wound a bit. Good old Richie. =)


its 75£ here because Ben dosn’t think the demand is high enough in Europe… >:(

£75 is 115$, and $79.99 is just like 50£, really wish it would be the same for us.

also feel for Richie, Its not his fault and im sure this is annoying him, But that was such a nice thing for him to do


I"m wondering if the shops over there are getting hit with and/or passing along any import taxes, and/or any VAT that might be being applied.

I will say the new SuperStar plays like it should cost $115 US, but it’s costing $79.99 US.

I hope there’s a way to get the prices down for you guys. The prices shouldn’t vary that much. I’d say if it hit $85, that would make a bit more sense to me.

I need to visit an online store over there just to cruise prices and see the variations. I have a feeling I might be in for a bit of an eye-opening experience.


I know a store that still has has their sites limited edition blue or green northstars, selling for $50, they also have a sale for yoyorecreation yoyos, selling from $40-$140, and a limited edition TRYC edition di base 2 for $55,
List of YYRs in case your interested and don’t actually know the site:
Diffusion - $40
Stargazer - $110
Triplet (Raw) - $110
ReClash - $110
Z-ON - $120
Stargazer (Splash Edition) - $140
E=mc 2 - $140

Other yoyos you might be interested in:
Di Base 2 (TRYC Edition, Black Cup while body is completely covered in gold acid wash) - $55
YYF Northstar - $50
Japan Technology’s Ashiru Kamui Light - $31-$40
Some special KonKave bearing they REFUSE to ship to the USA - $12
One Drop X CLYW Summit (Nebula and Ninja Hurdles colorway) - $135
CLYW Gnarwhal - $135
YYF 44CLASH Doomsday Edition Genesis - $130

If u really don’t know the store, Hint: 7x AP