2013 Nationals Loot

If you were able to pick up anything special at the 2013 National Yoyo Contest I thought it could be fun to post it here! Honestly, if you grabbed anything special at any contest this year and want to share that is fine as well. I wasn’t looking for a lot of stuff, but a few things in particular caught my eye so here they are:

All three throws together:

Orange Boo Prestige:

Rosewood Deja Vu (So smooth…this thing is amazing):

Clear Rally (Still not as strong a player as the Yeti, in my opinion, but this is gorgeous):

Those look great!! That Prestige is sooooo slick!!!

Thanks! Yeah, I love how the bottom half turned out. It’s very well done. The Orange Boo editions all sold out and it looked like the rest of the Prestiges hung around throughout the day. I wonder if it’ll be the same online or not.

picked up one of the glow crazy-d’s

Heads up guys, im looking for a vouge crazy d. PM me and ill hook you up with a good deal.

I got a $5 Protostar.

That all looks really sexy…