2009 Northeast Regional Yo-Yo Contest / ZGames


The 2009 Northeast Regional yo-yo contest (also known as the Z-Games) will take place on April 19th in Florence, Massachusetts.

All the info is up on the site here: http://www.a-two-z.com/ZGames09

Facebook it here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=93576726392&ref=mf

See everyone there!

In Southern Cali…visit sometime, won’t ya André? Me you, and Kim-Lan could hang out :stuck_out_tongue:

That would be awesome! ;D

OR you guys could fly to minnesota and Andre could come here for MN states! ;D ;D

And me… I’ll go… to meet andre… if he comes…

He is judging. ;D

Is anyone elso going to be there? Only a few people that I know are going. It should be fun. I’m competing in 5A!!! I’m gonna lose…especially if Tyler Severance will be there… :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, André, if I ever saw you at a contest, I would NEVER approach you. I know you are just like us, but I would be scared to DEATH

Me too… I’d throw my Aquarius at you and be like “Oh, oops, I should go get that!” You’re very nice, just that I’d be freaked out.

But what if he approaches you? That would be funny.

“gh ahl fh ou gh hgal…bye…” Samad said in fear. No offense. ;D

Hahaha… guys, Andre is really awesome.

“He’s just a person like me and you.” :smiley:

Yay! I’ll be there.

~yo! shi!

I was talking to Paul Yath, without noticing it was him. Then, when I did, I began to stutter. I told him I was afraid of meeting pros. So Paul made me hang out with him :-[

And I will never talk to André in real life :wink:

Why not? Im having a bad case of what ifs. What if he did in fact walk up to you?

I’d say hi, then walk away. Whenever meeting people, I always get a feeling they dont like me, so I would feel that André would be annoyed with me.

Sorry André…ya scare me :wink:

ya I get that feeling sometimes…its weird
but I dont think I would with andre

hey dont forget me I live in southern cali and I found out that me and samad have the sama b-days too

Yeah? Where at?

(We’re kind of getting off topic :P)

So, Z-Games…Yeah.

Wow, same b-day? So does Abe! :slight_smile:

So, André, I assume you are judging for this one as well? (Stupid question, I know, but I’m trying not to go off topic)

Hey I live in SoCal also and i agree with Samad. I wouldn’t talk to Andre (sorry)

Just a heads up I’m making some prizes that are going to be OFF THE HOOK!

Hope I can make it but we have a baby due anytime now.


Yeah, truth be told, I haven’t gone up and just talked to Andre. He’s always super busy. :wink: I hang around with the rest of the nobodies too, well John doesn’t count as a nobody. :wink:

Really hope to see you, John, but big congrats! Having a baby is more important. =]

~yo! shi!