2002 and 2014


Side note: I chose 2002 because it’s when yoyoing started to become good (please don’t change the subject to when yoyoing became good please.)

So if you could go back in time to the 2002 world yoyo contest, do you think you would win?  I’m going to say yes for most of us.  But I’m not answering for you, so you answer IYO.
    Oh, and…


I don’t know it’s hard to say because if a 2002 player had a 2014 yoyo he’d probably ‘serve’ me


Different rules, yoyos, etc. I win in a modern contest, but possibly not back then.




Heck no. I can’t throw responsive to save my life, I’d end up busting all kiiiiinds of knuckles.


Think about all the “original” tricks you could pull off though


If I had to use the yoyos they had then, then no. If I could bring a modern yoyo then yes

(Former National 4A Champion) #8

Even with their yoyos, I think I could. I have the advantage of a lot more original tricks. Also, I could do tricks that yuuki hadn’t even invented yet. Which would mean that I was the actual inventor ???.


What I always think.


You guys can’t do 2002 tricks on 2002 yoyos? Y’all need to buy a FHZ and a 48 pack of stickers, right meow. Will do wonders for your unresponsive play. Responsive the way its generally achieved today is one thing, a dead sticker, fresh sticker and a lubed bearing in a FHZ is another entirely.
That’s how tthose guys got so good and developed their style.


I can do all my tricks on a Duncan Dragonfly lol


Back then they’d crush me, now they’d crush me…

Play simple, throw for fun.

(rizkiyoist) #13

If I have to use today’s yoyos that would be unfair.
Using a responsive freehand to beat 2002 Yuuki? not sure about that…

(ed) #14

I think it’s a somewhat silly premise, but that’s ok. Sure any player from 12 years down the road could turn heads with the technology or tricks of his/her day, but that says nothing about the mediocre players of today OR the best players of 2002. Realistically, I think if you’re suggesting you could get up there with Yuuki, Mickey, Markmont, Jason Lee etc, even in 2002 you might be selling those dudes short, even back then. Plus to even show today’s stuff on stage you’d have to KILL compulsories against those guys and more (Kohta, Black, Miggy, Jesse Garcia…) - oh and no binds allowed on those. :wink:



Even with a modern yoyo I could not come close to what Yuuki Spencer was doing in the video. I wish I could, I wish I could.


^^ same. Me with a modern yoyo and the tricks I currently know. Them with a yoyo of that era and the tricks they knew? I still lose. By a wide margin.

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This is a really awkward topic to begin with. I don’t see any of us with a time machine. Using modern yoyos would be kinda like cheating. Plus the rules were different. Anyway, I doubt I beat any version of Yuuki Spencer.


I could barely if at all pull off any of my tricks on a Walter let alone an FHZ.

(rizkiyoist) #20

For the people who voted yes, have you went to a contest before, any video? I know how to judge, I honestly wanna see what you got.