2 Year - Drew Mrowiec-Barnhart

Two years, for two years I’ve been playing with this toy. I’ve met so many amazing people and learned a lot about myself in two years. No pun intended, but I’ve had my ups and downs, a lot like the toy I’ve known to love. My life is forever changed, because of this simple toy. Thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout everything, yoyo related or not, over the past two years, I wouldn’t give this up for anything in the world. Its been real.


Well, for some reason this video is seeming to have a hate problem. What do you guys think of it?


I for one love the video! Not sure why there is hate.
Great job anyways! :slight_smile:

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So I clicked through and saw a lot of dislikes =/ really uncalled for. Nice vid!

I have to agree… Vid did NOT warrant all the dislikes, just a bunch of wanna be better “haters” . Take it with a grain of salt, hate stems from jealousy. Keep up the good work. My only constructive criticism would be " to be less camera aware" . That would be my only improvement. Good style tho :slight_smile:

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Really good! Don’t understand all the hate. Thisis a good vid.

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Last bump!

Why hate? Awesome sauce!

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It just has a buncha dislikes for some reason, and thanks!

This is an epic video! great tricks, flow, style, editing, and much more!!!

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Fantastic video. Loved the whole feel of it, great moves and wicked song choice. Damn good job. :smiley:

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Great work on your two talents: YoYo, Video Production. Good eye for composition, and quite decent editing skills as well. Massive Attack! Not sure where your shoot was, but I’d like to see more videos on locations like this.

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