2 ideas


1: a scandium yoyo!
2: metal rimmed delrin!

what do you guys think?


Metal rimmed delrin seems to kind of defeat the purpose. Metal rimmed plastics make sense because it’s a performance improvement on a budget platform. But delrin is pretty much just as expensive to machine as aluminum, so you might as well just do an all aluminum and not worry about the inherent balance issues and added cost of a bi-material.

Scandium could be interesting becuase it offers superior strength when alloyed with aluminum…but it costs about $275 per gram in today’s market. Melt value on an alloyed yoyo with even a tiny bit of scandium would be at least as much a titanium yoyo’s retail price, but with fewer advantages.

…so THERE! 8)


what if someone was badass enough to make a 100% scandium yoyo? how would that work? (forgetting about price)