1a Yoyo Tutorials


Hey Everybody!

I was thinking that I could probably post some Tutorials on some of my Combos.
If anybody wants to learn a new trick, but is struggling to find a good tutorial, then I can do it.
I will do my Very Best to make some Really Good Tutorial Videos.
All the Combos I will be teaching are tricks that I made up:

Spider Web
Chaotic Smash
Jangles n’ Tangles
Clang Hill
Grind Slack
Monster’s Layers (My Signature Trick)

These are the Tricks that are planned to be shown in Tutorials. I might add more as time goes on.
I will only be doing this in Automn Season.
The Series of Tutorials is gonna be called “Falling 1A”.

I just thought I would give you guys a Heads up. I plan to be posting these videos whithin the next couple weeks.
Until Then, Happy Throwing! :wink:

-Cody Wright


I can’t wait!
Chaotic Smash and Monster’s Layers sound pretty cool :slight_smile: Good luck with the tutorials!


Thanks Man.
Actually, Its Funny that you named those 2, because those are actually my 2 Favorite Tricks out of all of these. Haha


As bad as it sounds I usually judge tricks before I even see them based on the name :stuck_out_tongue: Those two just stuck out as really cool names


I probably don’t have the skills to learn these tricks, but more tutorials is always nice.