1a Unresponsive Horizontal Shoot the Moon Help


Please help me I just can’t get it! If you have seen some of Hiroyuki Suzuki’s performances he often does it. Thanks!


Could somebody post a video because this sounds wicked.



wat dafu tho
Chris Chia has by far the most tricks completely beyond my understanding, more than the other players I regularly follow do altogether – and that list includes takeshi, janos, ahmad, iori, zach, paul kerbel and many others. Siriusly tho, this does not have a freefall part like a regular unresponsive StM does so that part at least is easier, more like a horizontal hop the fence.


I’d just call that a horizontal regen


He looped twice, the first time without fully unwinding the yo.


He gives the string a tug part way down, causing it to wind the wrong way. Then he uses that momentum to do a flip causing it to properly wind and uses the momentum from that to do a regen.

The hardest part, is the tug to cause it to wind improperly since it works differently depending on gaps width and string thickness (I think he has Fat Yellow Kitty on a 4.25 gap). Other than that if you know the shoot the moon motion and how to do horizontal then you can do this.