1a tutorial - Jumping Jacks

New tutorial, this one should be a fairly quick learn.  Similar chopping element to black hops with some thumbwork.


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Love the tutorials dood. I’m not quite good enough to do this one but I hope to be soon ;D

Keep at it. Just start with the first part and work on that hop. Do it with the index finger and your thumb. Try to work that into your own combo. Then come back to it. Most of the stuff I’ve made up comes from watching other peoples video, picking one small piece that I can actually do, and working that into my style.

It’s a really fun trick. No problem for me learning it. Now I’m going to try to increase the speed 100%.

Excellent! Next work it into you own combo and post the video here for me to see! (I’m a teacher, it’s what I do, lol)