Trick help (Mostly video disection i guess..?)


Ok so i would first like to say that my favorite yo yo’er is Augie Fash.  I know he’s not the greatest, but I love his speed and showmanship.  Now because of his speed, I cant figure out how he puts together some of his tricks and combo’s (I doubt i can do any of them to be honost but I would like to try and learn.  So I picked a decent video of where you can see his hands relatively close, and I would like to know if anybody cant point me in a direction where I could possibly learn some of these tricks.  ;D
Is the link to the video.
I would like to learn, the trick from 1:23 - 1:30 the MOST I absolutly love this trick, its simple, slow, but flashy when he’s going so fast to so much slower ;D.

The other main trick I would like to learn is from roughly 0:20-0:30 where he does the whips and what looks like Boing-E-Boing no words can describe how awesome I think that trick combo is ;D.

If you can please point me in a direction where i could learn them, Thank you in advance!!


Practice :wink:

(Jei Cheetah) #3

Hmmm… I think I can make a tut for both of those, They are not too hard to figure out.
Give me a day or two and Ill have a tut for you!

Be back!



wow,you are very helpful on these forums cougheXpertcough
nice job :wink:


YOu are definatly the man ;D ;D ;D I would try to figure these out myself but i havnt been yo-yoing long enough to tell exactly what he’s doing =’(


Bump =D



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I’m really sorry man.

I tried to make a tut, I even got all the clips made, but I have a mac and the footage on my camera isnt compatible, so untill I have access to a windows comp, I cant put it together.


I will keep trying to figure something out.


=’( Daaaamn, Try a library? lol Thanks for putting them together!! Ive been checking your Youtube channel dailey for a new video hoping it was those tuts =D


some of his tricks arent that hard but their fast