Help me decipher Augie Fash!

In Jeffrey Pang’s wonderful contest recap vid, Augie fash does this mindblowing chops-ish combo.

I linked to the start of the trick (1m19s in), and while the whole trick is fantastic, I’m most interested in the first 4 seconds, the quick up-and-back-down bit. It looks like a lot of really fast fancy fingerwork, and even going frame by frame, I’m not having much luck understanding it.

If anyone knows if this trick has been captured elsewhere with a different angle, or what it’s inspired from, or any such thing, I would be eternally grateful =)


Old trick but one of my all-time proudest/favorites.

You can find a tutorial from Sector Y here:

I also put it in The Jason Tapes, here:

Good luck!!


Thanks so much! That really helped, and there’s a ton of great stuff in The Jason Tapes. Will keep me busy for a while =)

Oh man. I never knew this tutorial existed.

Tackling this is going to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done on a yoyo, but I’mma try.

For at least two days.

And then I’m just going to throw my hands in the air and do Zipper and Pop’n’Fresh all day instead. :wink:

You’re in Cleveland currently? I’m in Columbus and have been trying to find some community or even just a small group in which to meet with like minds. I’ve been into this for 4 months now and have been practicing everyday for at least 4 to 6 hours every damn day like an addict and have a bunch of stuff down with myself watching and taking stuff from Yuuki, Charles, and yourself. I’m only doing this in the mean time because I need a starting point and you 3 have a lot of intricate freestyles that seemed very intimidating to learn but nevertheless I have learned a good amount. But I do need some of that TLC and need some hands on help!!! Make it happen and help my ass and show me the way!!!111!!1!1!!one!!

I can’t even smoothly do the first chopsticks element (through the chopsticks and over the thumb).

I am inadequate.