1a Combo Elements

Hey everybody, my name is Toshikazu, and I just wanted to get more involved with the yoyo community, so I figured what better way to do so than to join some yoyo forums.Β  I also joined yoyoexpert.com (my name is toshiyotokyo).Β  I also made some yo-yo videos and tutorials, both beginner and advanced, so please check em out if you want / have time.Β  :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to my most viewed tutorial.

A fellow lefty I see. :slight_smile:

I seen you before on youtube and your awesome! your tutorials helped me so much!

I’m glad you finally joined the forums! Your tutorials are great! You should have more coverage than you already have.

Thank you for the nice comments and watching my videos guys! I’m glad you enjoy them. :slight_smile: Feel free to chat me up any time.

Great videos! I’ve only been yoyoing for a couple months, so I’ll be going through your tutorials!

Great video. easy to follow and you never dwell on a point too long but you give every move it’s fair share of time.

My only criticism is that the music was too loud and you were to quiet. just play with the balance and it would be perfect. I look forward to seeing more from you