Awesome Tutorial Channel

So i dont know how many people already know him, but i just wanted to make a quick post telling about a channel wich i really like! i got a lot of cool tricks from it, and a lot of them are tricks/combos that i never saw anywhere else. this is the channel link.
Exspecially the 1.5 and Houdini elements tutorials are awesome! i really like the tricks and i think he doesnt get enough credit.
so if you looking for some awesome tricks and want to see some new stuff, and maybe some longer tricks he has lots of that.  this probably is my favorite trick i ever learned^^
just check it out, its not super advanced, at least most of it

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I love his videos! I thought I was the only one here that watches them! Haha, nobody recommends his channel…

well i did^^ dont know why so few people watch his stuff… in my opinion his tutorials are very good! really well explaned compared to some others

I’ve seen a few of his and really liked them. He seems pretty humble. I hadn’t seen this particular one, and I like it! Thanks for sharing.

I hadn’t seen this. Really happy you posted!

happy that you like it :slight_smile: i have no idea why his stuff is so unknown to most people

That was an awesome tut. The background music was a little loud, but hey, it was a top notch tut anyways. :slight_smile: Got the trick down within minutes.

I think I may have posted up a video or 2 of his around here, probably his Elements Bindz Beginner one for sure. Really good stuff on his channel.

He has some awesome stuff, thanks for sharing this.