$1000 cash offer for

Haha I appreciate you :pray:

I think I understand how difficult it would be for you to part with those throws which is why I don’t constantly bother you about them :rofl:, but definitely do still plan on hearing from me ~once? a year until I give up the search haha :sweat_smile: It’s always worth checking in, seeing how things are, seeing what has / is changed, etc.

Plus sometimes it’s just fun to chat about throws with ya!

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Don’t give up! Persistence is an admirable trait.

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I’m not familiar with this story but did he create discord?

How did you transport all those yo-yos with no boxes?

edit: it was discourse not discord! This guy is the real deal lol one of his quotes is known as Atwoods law “Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript”


I kind of imagine him doing what kids do when they have too many water balloons: Cradle them in the front of his shirt … while cackling in unadulterated glee.

Hang in there and keep searching. A couple of my favorite yoyos took me a couple years each to track down. The hunt is part of the fun :grin:



Coding_horror created stackoverflow as I remember. It is God’s gift to software developers.


Bump :grimacing:

Wait what? THE Coding Horror Jeff Atwood?

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another bump bites the dust

Thanks to everyone who messaged me today about the triton! Much appreciated!!

Still looking for the wolf, warthog, mailday marvel, and rainicorn banshee :3