$1000 cash offer for, scratch that... $2000! cash offer for

If you’re wondering… yes, i am still desperate

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Is it too early for a last ditch effort?

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Yep, another bump

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I hope you find that Marvel from the website. what a gem

There’s someone o. The bst selling a g2 banshee swirl. It looks like that first one. Idk tho I’m a newbibewb

Can you link me to the post?

You’ve probably seen it on Facebook already.

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Ah. Yep…

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Aszyd just posted what I was referring to! :slight_smile:


I was about to send you the same link, is not the one you looking for? Man we are all here to help you!

Unfortunately not! :disappointed:

Thanks for the help though!!!

bump again

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When the carrot no longer works, time to break out the stick! Give this man what he wants or else!


I don’t have one, but bumping this cause I wish you only the best


Warning: People with attention deficit or just general reading malfunctions, should stop right here.

Well, since I have what he wants, I should say a few things.

When I was originally in the mix for ‘Codings’ 500 plus yo-yo collection, I actually just suggested ideas about how he could pick the correct person to acquire the yo-yos.

Jeff didn’t like the idea of somebody just getting his yo-yos and cashing them out on EBay. There is nothing wrong with being enterprising. But Jeff’s’ vision was the right person would actually keep the herd of yo-yos and have little concern of their potential value.

He had no shortage of people inquiring about buying his yo-yos.

After we had talked, I suggested Jeff wait one week to see if somebody popped up with a reasonable proposition. No rush, right?

I don’t know who he talked to, or what they proposed? But within a few days, Jeff contacted me and basically said,’ They’re yours if you want then. I’m guessing he knew I didn’t need the money and there would be a good probability I would keep the collection together.

I told him…… just wait the week… He said ‘ too busy, gotta keep moving’.

We made arrangements for transporting the yo-yos. I would drive 400 something miles up North and just pick them up.

I called Jeff before I left just to see if he maybe changed his mind? Nope, come on over.

I got up to his town in the evening. I knew I certainly didn’t feel like driving straight back, so I got a room at a place a mile or so from his house. I called him after I checked in and suggested if he had any changes of heart, that I would just get a good nights’ sleep and drive back home. He said nothing had changed.

I slept like a log and actually had a dream he changed his mind, lol.

I woke up and suddenly realized I was actually dreaming 400 something miles from home. I called Jeff again and asked, ‘We still on’? He said indeed.

So…. I get to his house and he shows me this crap-load of yo-yos​:scream_cat: <<<>>> No Boxes​:scream_cat::scream_cat:
It turns out the Jeff is from the village that considers boxes and tubes and any sort of container is just unnecessary clutter😳

Now… we going on about 2 years later and I still have at least a few hundred yo-yos that haven’t the slightest idea what they are, lol?

When I was leaving his house, Jeff told me to forget ‘the keep the collection together’ idea. He said,’ Don’t feel bound by agreement to keep All the yo-yos. Things changes and you might need some money. I don’t want you to think it will really bother me if you cash some out.

The reason I share the above story with you is so you can get a better/clearer view of how and why I acquired Codings’ collection.

The second point, concerns Mediumwells’ stating he would pay $1000 for a certain yo-yo. I see nothing wrong with somebody wanting something so much. And Mediumwell is a great guy. My(personal) problem is my not wanting to be part of ‘Benchmark’ pricing. I don’t want to contribute to establishing a $100 yo-yo is worth a $1000 dollars. ……And, it would be the 1st yo-yo sold from Jeff’s’ former collection.

I am just amazed that not one other person ‘with something on Mediumwells’ list, has come forward that could use the money? I don’t think the yo-yos on his list are/were one of a kind?

I keep an eye on this thread and wish him the best in getting his want(s). If I have a change of mind, he will be the first to know.

I know some of the newer members on this forum haven’t the slightest idea what the heck I’m even talking about. But this clarity wasn’t for them.

This story was more for the people that contact me about why don’t I just sell the yo-yo? Lol I mean, a $1000 sure ain’t hay😉


I actually just repaired a Marvel like the one in the picture. The yo-yo itself was in mint condition more or less, but for some odd reason the axle bonded to the threading and as a result it stripped. After repairing the yo-yo was still smooth as can be. I’ll send the person this link and see if he would like to sell it.

Also @yoyodoc I always wondered where CodingHorror went, did he just fall out of the hobby?


He still throws here and there. He kept a dozen or so of his favorites. I didn’t leave him Yo-less.

Coding sold his Discourse Business to a larger Company for 3.14 Billion dollars.

Three… point…one… four… BILLION… $dollars$

The guy is a Genius and I think the yo-yos were just a distraction of sorts.

He is still around. He is just immersed in any number of projects. For obvious good reasons.


That may or may not be the same person that started this thread. It would be pointless to message him with the details, lol.


I’ll also add. I am looking for similar colorways of the same yoyos, but 1k is too rich for my blood in most cases.

Haha I appreciate you :pray:

I think I understand how difficult it would be for you to part with those throws which is why I don’t constantly bother you about them :rofl:, but definitely do still plan on hearing from me ~once? a year until I give up the search haha :sweat_smile: It’s always worth checking in, seeing how things are, seeing what has / is changed, etc.

Plus sometimes it’s just fun to chat about throws with ya!

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