100% wooden transaxle?

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I’m thinking to make some wooden yoyos with transaxle, is that even possible? The axle will be made of wood and the transaxle too. I’m wondering whether the transaxle will work, or the string will just slide as if it’s fixed axle :-\


What would the benefit of that be?

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I don’t think fixed axle has any benefit over bearing yoyos yet people still make them :wink:
Anyway, I think if it works, people can use 100% poly for wooden yoyos instead of having to buy cotton strings… nobody wants these anymore nowadays, at least not here in my country, nobody sells one.


Well I’m just saying that we’ve already got plastic transaxles so they will essentially do the same thing, considering that regardless of what material transaxle is used, you would need a somewhat slick surface around the fixed axle and it would have to be lubed up in order for it to rotate in the way that they currently do.

Basically, unless I misunderstood you, a plastic transaxle around a wooden axle will do the exact same thing

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Yep, but I wanted to make a 100% wood so using plastic transaxle is not an option.


if I understood you right, the answer is no, wooden transalxle + wooden axle would create too much friction, so it would basically work like a fixed axle.
if I remember correctly Henry’s had some wood transaxle on a metal axle, maybe you should look into that. I think it is called voodoo or something.
edit: but then it would not be 100% wood, but I wouldn’t mind :slight_smile:


You’d need some sort of slick material between the parts if you wanted to use 100% wood.

Another option is to seal both wooden parts so that you could put some lube on the inside. Honestly, I don’t really know how well this would work, though, because if the wood absorbs the lube, it won’t work. I guess it would depend on the type of wood and what you used to seal it.

At that point, you’re just making the wood behave like metal in terms of the yoyo, though.


I don’t think it would work. You’d need a steel axle for much more precise roundness/smoothness/predictability and the wooden sleeve for the transaxle.


You could try Laminating the axle and the inside of the transaxle


One could argue that fixed axle has benefits in terms of looping (as opposed to string tricks).


If you use 100% poly on your woodies the string will melt very quickly (VERY!)
Also get a no-jive