1 of 3?Square Wheels Royale, take it, I dont want it anymore.. Price added!!!

Great throw, just dont use it and heck, I could use the money. Or something else cool.

No real visible damage. The worst I took a picture of but it seems to be the only spot. Some vibe on grinds. Best way to describe the play would be to compare it to a second run peak. Fun, pretty nice for 5a. Tried it once, didnt feel like damaging it.

Blake let me know that this is about a one of 3 from the first batch they got anodized. I need money for school and other things, offer cash please.

I can take more specific pictures if you want 'em.

75 shipped?



Offer away

how much is it

Please pm me if you have an offer. Refrain from posting in this thread, bump.