1.5 mount toss

So I was watching this video. (link below) At about 10seconds into the video he does this toss from a 1.5 mount. Can anyone tell me if this has a name? Or show a video of how to do this. I can can’t seem to grasp it.

Tunnel: http://youtu.be/fTnL6Wv7JLU

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Asian Pops. I can’t for the life of me get those to go at that kind of trajectory and back without risking serious string burn.  Mine usually go more downwards.

It’s a component of “Pitch and Catch”, too, so here’s a video of that one:


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This is the best tutorial

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Only barely touches on 1.5 pops, but still a pretty good tutorial.

It’s a boomerang variation. Learn the orginal boomerang, as it’ll help you with the 1.5 mount boomerang.

The basic concept of the trick: Start in a 1.5, undo the wrap about the yoyo, and push the yoyo to your non throw hand side. Bring your hands together so that the yoyo can fly out. Then, pull your hands back apart so that the yoyo starts returning to where it originally was. Hit the string with the yoyo as it’s coming back so that you land back into a 1.5.


My boomerang got WAY better since last time I tried doing 1.5 (Asian) pops… maybe that skill will help me out if I try it again. :wink:

I love this trick, but like Greg I can’t come close to doing it without string burn.

Yup, did it a bit tonight, and my skill with boomerang hasn’t helped.