Welcome to the YoYoExpert.com forums!

There are a variety of topics and discussions going on, and a great number of yo-yo players of all skill levels available to guide one another as they learn and trade tricks.

Let’s have fun together and be nice to each other – with that in mind, we have a few basic guidelines:

No Profanity

Profanity is not allowed. Any post containing profanity of any kind will be edited or deleted. Swearing and cursing are the most commonly thought of forms of profanity. However, this list also includes negative remarks based on any of the following:

  • Swearing/Cursing
  • Race
  • Sexual Preference
  • Gender
  • Creed or Beliefs
  • Religion
  • Intelligence
  • Political statements

This includes items in avatars or signatures.

Partially edited profanity such as “fluck”, “beyotch”, “f–k”, fah-q, MF’er and “di**” are also unacceptable. Attempting to circumvent this rule using abbreviations, acronyms, or other obvious representations of unacceptable language will not be tolerated.

One Account Per Person

Members should only have one account. If you accidentally create a duplicate account, you can either self-delete it (if the account is new) or staff can merge it for you.

Please read the BST Rules

If you intend on participating in the BST please read the rules posted here.

Let’s Stick to Yo-Yos

This is a yo-yo forum first and foremost. Discussion of religion, politics, or sexual preference is outside the realm of this forum and should be avoided.

Write Clearly in English

Internet Slang is not allowed. This includes posts in all caps. Any post containing internet slang will be edited or deleted.

Let’s try and keep these forums as easy to read and understand as possible. Improper grammar that does not meet the basic standards of the English language is not allowed. This includes proper capitalization, punctuation, spelling and spacing. Any post containing improper grammar will be edited or deleted.

We can’t help you if we don’t understand your posts – please use the English language in your posts here so we know what you are asking about or saying. We do realize that we have an international community and English is not everyone’s primary language. All we ask is that you please try your best and you should have no issues.

Please Don’t Advertise Other Yo-Yo Stores

While this is a general Yo-Yo forum, it is officially owned and operated by YoYoExpert and that should be respected.

Do not post direct links to any other on-line store that sells yo-yos. If you feel that someone needs a link to another yo-yo store or someone is asking for it, please PM them the link.

Also, please avoid posting yo-yo pictures that have prominent store logos in them.

Use the Like Button

Please don’t clutter topics with thank you’s. Instead, press the like button at the bottom of the post that you want to thank.

That person will be notified that you have liked their post. Please use this feature. It wasn’t added for fun or to take up space. It is a great tool that everyone should use all the time – let’s share the :sparkling_heart:!

No begging

Please do not beg for yoyos or other items here. It’s impolite.

Flag and PM if you have problems

It is fine to offer friendly advice, but please don’t play moderator. While your intentions may be good, it makes you look like a not so pleasant person when telling someone they posted in the wrong section. If someone needs moderator assistance, simply press the flag button on the post and your friendly staff can help!

If you have a problem with a decision from a moderator or administrator, don’t argue in public. Please send a personal message to that person directly and discuss it with maturity. We do things for a reason. We don’t lock topics for fun. Please keep that in mind if your topic gets locked.

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