Zombie 3d Model

I took a few minutes to modify and convert the Mudbox human into a zombie. Let me know what you guys think.



Here’s the texture map:

Feed back would be appreciated. If anyone needs any 3d models made I can do so for a small fee.
I also accept payment in yoyos…

What in particular makes this a zombie. Looks like a bad case of psoriasis to me.

I in indeed a pretty bad zombie. I did it in a few minutes. He’d be better with some torn clothes or something.

Looks more like a severe burn to me.
You’re gonna want to add some open cuts and give him a face

because children could see this, he would look better in clothes period.

not bad ::slight_smile:




It needs more rags and an overall hunger for human flesh. You can’t forget the tell-tale blank stare of a zombie.

He has WAAAAAAAAAAAAY to many limbs… ;D

Huh? don’t you mean too few?

Nope…also rocket shoes on his nubs…