YYR, yoyo pouches, and others

What I have:
Splash Overdrive mint with box-$140
mint with box Stargeyser-$110
mint with box triplet-$110
Enyo lyn with cracks-$5 with anything else
mint Copper IYYO tank-$60
44 Clash Aero-Yo Delta (minor scuffs that can’t be felt)-$20
Northstar (Hub Cracks)-$15
Beat Genesis- $35

Yoyo pouches are $9 shipped (the plastic boxes will have to be flattened in order for the pouch to fit in the box)

I will only ship the plastics as a bundle or I will sell them with a metal

pics can be seen here:

My current want list:
Mint barebones/crossbones (powdercoated and anodized ones are prefered)
Spingear/prepro 888
Brave or Fit
Yoyomonster stuff (really want a quickmate)
redstar, or gold G5
eli/baby dert (normal size derts are also ok)
atomic cow stuff (no big bens)
enyo, marble or higby yyj (Plastics without metal rims are preferred. Love patriots)
Anything S.kon
calicoe joe stuff
rare zeros or caps (specifically looking for a mongu or organic eric wolff)
yyr messiah in purple with beadblast (others are ok but won’t get as well of an offer)
ilyy pybit (wouldn’t mind a sakura also)
Bolt (preferably blue)
CLYW (want a mint pali Puffin gnarwhal but puffins and mint bvms are ok also)
yyf plastics
dissking stuff (preferably difs but others are welcome)*
stargazer (preferably the beadblasted blue/white)
green monster or starry night skyline (the original run with the blast) *
Cascade (preferable nickel)
madhouse stuff (after a lucky 7 but the others are nice also)
Gull wing (preferably a solid color)
Code 2(preferably splash) *
Pistolero (preferably red)
hardcoat dv888
Oxy stuff (after an IO and oxy 5 but open to others)
metal milk
Any of the plug-in series (really want one of the custom ones niubi did)
roo-yo stuff (preferably the original or sv but wouldn’t mind other stuff by them)
adegle stuff (more interested in their metals minus the formosa)
dream-yo S
Underdog (pin pricks only)

Always open to titanium throws
Other yoyos are always welcome but stuff on my list will get better offers

*= must be mint