YYR, C3, YYF, Something, Duncan downsizing sale

First row:
Something Anglam 2 - Mint - SOLD
Something Slasher - Mint - 125$
C3 Krown St 7068 - Mint - 85$
Offset Outlier - Mint in Box - SOLD
Second row:
Duncan Haymaker X - Mint in Box - SOLD
Duncan Orbital GTX - Mint in box - SOLD
YYR Futura - Got 1 tiny scratch (a little vibe) - 35$
C3 Krown 2019 - Mint - 35$


so the orbital is red?

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Yup, the red one is orbital!

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NGL i was hoping the orbital was blue lmao still eyeing it tho will PM if i get the money/am interested

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Bump Jr. Price Drop!

Bump III

Bump IV

Bump V

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