YYJ Bearings


  • Is it Stainless?
  • So, Fits yoyos such as the Hitman, Dark Magic, X-Con, SpinFaktor HG, Matador, and many more. (Only those? ←)
  • Is the size of this bearing is also  “.250 x .500 x .187 in” or not?

And another…

  • Is “Ninja Vanish” and “Green Triangle” are same tricks am i right?

  • I notice Andre play One Cap-off and One Cap on…

  • Why set-up like that?

  • If you do that, what cap will you remove?, In the Axle side? Or in the Non-axle side? or any of those two?

No I don’t think that YYJ bearings are stainless. They are steel, but not stainless.
Yes, it fits most YYJ yoyos, but won’t fit on Sunsets, Aqua’s, Bigyos and stuff. It will fit on most though.
Yes, it is .25 x .5 x .187

No, NV is not “GT”, Ninja Vanish is “Flying Trapeze Green Triangle”. Its not just green triangle. Search the full name, you will find that thats the standard name for it. Even the wyyc website says its called “FTGT”.

He sets it up like that because he likes it. Probably for easier thumb grinds and still having a design, i don’t know.

You can take out any of the cap sides.