YYF Titanium Dream Finish Question

Ok, doing some research for the upcoming titanium shoot out between the Dream, Evora, and Citizen for High Speed YoYo. I just received the Dream, what is the finish on the blue Titanium Dream? It does not feel like a normal anodized titanium. It almost feels like a powder coat and the slight variations when the light reflects off of it makes it look like something was sprayed onto the surface. If Ben or someone else could give some input on this I would be appreciative.

No way to confirm it but I think its polished and anodized. It also plays totally different from the RAW Ti Dream which is a little closer to the Evora and Citizen.

I wish I could have gotten a raw Dream but the friend who is loaning me the Dream only had a blue one.

How long until you’re going to be posting your review? I could send my brushed one your way to help out.

As for the blue finish, it’s just polished then anodized blue. I’m guessing the waviness is due to the surfaces being slightly uneven before polishing occurred.

It is going to be about a month before the review is done.