Yoys FS/FT: CLYW, Zipline, RCS

I’ve overspent the past couple weeks…so I got some great yoyos for sale (or trade)!

Shawn Exploder has a small flat spot (pictured) but is still smooth.
Speakeasy got smacked on the tile/grout and it vibes (also pictured).
Otherwise, these are all mint and have little, if any, playtime.

I ship fast and have great feedback :wink:

Message me with any questions or for more photos, yoyos come with original packaging.

Prices include Paypal G&S fees and USPS First Class CONUS shipping (message me for international shipping estimates). Thanks for looking!

Zipline Ist (Unknown) $75
CLYW Borealis (most recent run) $95
CLYW Pickaxe (also recent run) $100
Prohibition Yoyo Speakeasy $70
DocPop Shawn Exploder (Super Black Edition) $75
ODxOhYesYo Lunar Eclipse $90
RCS Duck v2 $65

Trade interests:
RSO Bowl 7068
Art Diptych


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Im interested with the clyw pickaxe.


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I’ve sent you one with the details, thank you!

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I’m up for same day shipping today, send me a message to pick one of these up, cheers!

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Hit me up today for my lightning fast same day shipping!!!

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