Yoyos long and gone

I was looking through my imgur account trying to find an old pic I uploaded, and I forgot how many pictures I had of old yoyos on it. So here’s a big dump of some yoyos that I’ve had pass through my hands (though I still own a couple).


I have a folder of photos like these. I try not to look at it too often because I end up thinking “why did I get rid of that? IDIOT!!!”


Woah there’s some goodies in here, now I’m feeling nostalgic!

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Those summits <3

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I LOVE that you had Lynfuie’s Code One tester lol. And the Trevlor Peak is near legendary.

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This thread makes me sad I didn’t take high quality pics of my old throws

Man there’s a few here that I regret letting go a long time ago…


Yeah I know that feeling. RIP Gold Pure

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