yoyos FS/FT-Dibase 2 and Trident

Other assorted yoyos for sale
oscillatrix (5 scuffs/small scratches) $40
blue trident (3 dings) $50
blue and orange yelets (2 scratches can’t feel them)-$45
DIbase 2-(1 small dent and 3 or 4 small scratches nothing that breaks the ano) $40  (green and gold)

blue sr71 (tarnished rims) $18

I am open to any trades so offer away
cash with a yoyo is prefered to just a yoyo
if you have any questions send me a pm
offer $42 for your code 1 (condition doesn’t matter)

Sorry always click that instead of PM…

bump more yoyos gone

cascade added
( no lower, its set at this high price so it won’t sell muhahahahah)

I would like to take a moment and honor the great yoyos that have left my case
my flickr reminds me of the greatness i once had

different yoyos up