Yoyos for sale

Hey everyone, i am letting these go since i either i dont play them or i have doubles. Everything is mint or near mint unless specifies. Prefer ff or pay fees , thank you!
L to R

Recess Charm - $75 has lil nail vibe
C3 Galaxy Diver 6061 - $65 smoothe
Rythm Rhapsody - $30 smoothe
Y.W.A Ether - $ 65 smoothe
SF Motive - $80 smoothe
Unspoken Artemis - $80 smoothe
C3 Krown St 7068 - $80 lil nail vibe
G2 2018 Banshee Easter egg pink - $70 smoothe
Mowl Plvs Vltra - $80 smoothe
Japan Tech Kagerou red/ rainbow rims- $180
super tough to let it go , its brand new and glass smoothe.
Turning Point Soul - $350 hard to let this go too. 3 marks on rim , i can take more pics at request , also smoothe .

Thanks !


Soul is gone

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