Yoyorecreation Inevitable New Color!

As one of most noteworthy yo-yo players around, it was only inevitable that Yoyorecreation would design a new signature yo-yo for Arata Imai - And the name is very fitting. This is the Yoyorecreation Inevitable!

The shape of the Inevitable was reached after having countless discussions with Arata to fully bring his vision for his signature yo-yo to life. He’s known for some of the most diverse and difficult tricks so they needed a yo-yo that could really keep up! The Inevitable is a bimetal design with a curved body and flared out rims. It excels at high speed tricks, is compact enough for intricate tech, and has a powerful spin to get through your longest combos!


Just amazing…I’m coming back to yoyo from an era that plastic yoyos was what existed… this is high tech!