Yoyorecreation Anomaly new color!



That is really cool. I love how the ano color is different inside the cup than the outside (the catch zone). I’ve been wondering why nobody seems to do that. I’d love a yoyo that is red on the outside and gold on the inside, with a blue weight rim.


I saw this color before it was announced, because I have had my eye on the Anomaly for a while… I finally pulled the trigger and I am glad I did. There are so few organic bimetals, and this one is suuuuper smooth on the string. I mean you’d expect that from YYR being all Japanese and fancy and high end and all… but still. It’s niiiice.

I am not unhappy with the colorway I chose (silver/silver, rare for me, as I vastly prefer splashes) but I still kinda regret not jumping on that orange one when it was available.

Oh also @zslane I agree mixed solid colors is rare on metal yoyos, check out the yoyoempire Touchmore