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The Code is the first yoyo from YoYo Palace, famous for its highly affordable price and comprehensive performance in any style.

As a mono-metal yoyo, the Code was designed with a profile that can adapt to all kinds of styles and tricks. It has a unique weight distribution that successfully gets rid of the thin feeling that leaves some mono-metal yoyos lacking, and gives it an explosive, fast, and stable fee on the string. It has a surirpsingly powerful spin for a single metal design that remains stable even at low RPMs.

In 2021,The Code says hello to the global players in the form of collaborations with failureisunknown, Sebastian Brock, and A Return Tops!


This machined plastic release from YoYo Palace was inspired by the past, but built to perform to today’s standards. The Sphere!

The Sphere is pure and simple. It has an organic profile with custom caps reminiscent of some of our favorite classics, but when you throw it you can feel it’s an entirely different animal. The Sphere has a powerful feel and great spin times for a plastic model. The higher walls do make it a bit more sensitive in play, as expected, but the weight distribution compensates to help mitigate tilt through longer combos. It plays fast with a solid feel and is about as comfortable in the hand as a yoyo can get.

The Sphere is available in some very cool collaboration editions. Higby editions feature random painted caps that are truly one of a kind!


The Ethereal is an innovative new bi-metal design from YoYo Palace with a striking look and impressive performance!

Outer ring or inner ring? This is sometimes a controversial topic in the yoyo community, and the Ethereal will likely blur the line enough to change some opinions. The Ethereal’s stainless steel ring starts from the inside of the cup and extends to the outside. At the edge of the Ethereal, the ring combines with the yoyo body and protrudes further to the outside edge to create a truly unique shape.

The organic profile paired with these broad steel rings gives the Ethereal a really powerful feel that plays to any style. It moves fast and holds spin through long combos extremely well, and the feel in the hand and on the catch is nothing short of Ethereal!


After prototyping and testing different materials and ratios of string, YoYo Palace finally landed on the perfect string for their yoyos.

One of the main focuses with YoYo Palace Strings was minimal break-in time. They want players to be able to string up their favorite throw without any worry when they step up to the stage to compete. It has a nice middle weight and a great balance between softness and longevity; It’s smooth yet stiff enough to hold loops open without being rough on the hands.


The sphere is awesome!