Does YYG sell counterweights?

I dont know…
Do they? Why dont you check?

Yeah…and counterweights are sold here.

Yes, they do sell counterweights.

Why do you ask… They sell them here.

Don’t all yoyo stores sell counterweights? :stuck_out_tongue:

What section is it under?

Probably accessories, or even the counterweight section like YYN. :slight_smile:

Duncan Parts.

Thank you Kim-Lan. I think I’m still loopy from the medicine from my surgery this morning.

Like on the commercials: Do not drive or operate machinery for 24-hours until you know how _____ effects you. Contact your doctor for a free 90-day supply of _____ today. Batteries not included. :stuck_out_tongue:

they also sell them cheaper at yo-yo.com under accesorie section i think

Welcome back from your surgery, YoyoGuy!

Yeah, but the cheapest shipping option is like $26.

YoYoExpert is cheaper than YYN’s counterweights.

get em here or at yyn

he can do what he want’s guy’s.

He asked for suggestions and hes getting them.

Pointless thread…

Locked. :wink: