Yoyofriends Sync Review

I was just curious bruh. I’ve bought all of their models except the raytracer(which I might get soon) so I obviously don’t have that big of an issue with their pricing or else I wouldn’t have bought them


I am not sure if OD is more expensive from what I’ve heard tbh. Our machining cost is on the high side. I mean I get it, made in China. Made in China does not mean its cheaper. It is 2019. We want to go through retailers to support them instead of selling some of them directly. We want to sponsor US national contest, states contest and World yoyo contest, but I totally understand from customers perspective, however we want to let the yoyo do the talking, because we believe it is good enough for the price no matter where and how its made.


You neeeeeeed one

But if I need one that means I need two! :joy:

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Sorry man, didn’t mean to be rude. I just felt that there are many more expensive 6061 Chinese made monos that most people seem to be completely fine with.

Well I don’t buy any of those so :wink:


This is probably one of the biggest drivers of cost. Also, sponsoring contests/players really adds up for a smaller company.


I just bought one of these! Haven’t got it yet though.

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For any of you who have any doubts about this yoyo, it’s amazing!! The stability and speed are perfectly (SYNC)hronized. No vibe whatsoever. One of the highest quality yo-yos in my collection!