Those guys over at yoyofficer are really stepping up there game. There two newest models look absolutely fantastic and for an under fifty dollar pricetag, the splashes aren’t too shabby. I reall hope these two play as good as they look.

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I’m quite excited for them, Yoyoficer was working on them since December and they put lot of time in making them play as good as possible.

When will they be available?

Arriving to first stores this week, but Yoyoexpert didnt ordered them yet :frowning: Try asking them about it.

I can’t wait to get these!

Yoyoexpert ordered Lava and Musket! Expect them here soon :slight_smile:

Love the colors on those.

I’m going to need to get my hands on a Musket. The shape of it just really catches my eye.

it’s like the beautiful baby of a G2 triton and a majesty with splashes on par with CLYW

I am looking forward to both.