Yoyofficer Vector: A Glenacius Review

Yoyofficer Vector Review

In a similar vein as their other recent release, the Urban, the Yoyofficer Vector is another competition oriented wide bodied yoyo. Its specs are similar to the Urban, but lets see if it is different enough to stand out on its own in Yoyofficer’s lineup.


Diameter: 54.50 mm

Width: 45.90 mm

Weight: 66 g

Gap width: 4.5 mm

Bearing: Size C, generic CT

The Vector has Yoyofficer’s brand new matte finish and comes in a wide variety of splash colourways which all look excellent. The finish makes grinding a breeze and really gives a premium feeling to the yoyo. The profile of the Vector is a curved H shape, with an in inverse wall leading down to the bearing seat. In the cup, there is a thin outer rim with a ring cut in, and below sits an inner rim. In the centre of the hub is a small, slightly domed nub. It’s a really aesthetically pleasing design.

Inside reveals the same generic CT bearing as the Urban had and Yoyofficer’s black pads. Both the response and the bearing are reliable; no snags, and no slippery binds. In my review of the Urban, I said that the bearing made a lot of noise, but I haven’t found that to be the case with the bearing in the Vector, it has been very quiet.

The Vector feels good in the hand and deliciously smooth on the throw. It is quite bouncy and lively yet retains a confident solidness, and this feeling alone is enough to encourage the player to keep on throwing. One thing can be said particularly for Yoyofficer’s latest throws; they are very comfortable indeed. If you are a stickler for yoyos with a very smooth and soft play feel, the Vector will satisfy you. The weight distribution also somehow helps to smooth out your combos, making them seem less rigid if you are prone to playing a little erratically. I’ve found this helpful.

In terms of performance, the Vector is very capable. Hong and Ma are very good at designing yoyos for balance between feeling and performance and the Vector is a great example of this. It is somewhat comparable to the Urban, but is more lively on the string. The inner rim design gives some centre weight for speed and manoeuvrability yet is placed close enough to the edge to give decent stability. It’s easy to pull of long combos with different elements and its width makes catches easy. The Vector is accommodating for all play speeds, but I feel it is more comfortable with medium speed. It has decent enough spin without requiring you to throw it too hard.

The Yoyofficer Vector is one of the most satisfying yoyos I’ve thrown in a while. It is so comfortable, soft and smooth, you would swear that they they added a little butter into the alloy they used. It’s been great to see the balance that Yoyofficer have achieved in their latest models and I really hope the trend will continue. The Vector’s excellent feeling and performance makes it an easy throw to recommend.

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Looks almost identical to manatee in the photos. Didn’t look at the spec sheet, but shape looks very similar. Is it??

I’ve been thinking about getting a Vector based on the Urban being my favorite throw but I’ve been waffling on the decision

It’s not like the Manatee. There are several differences.

Waffle no longer! Do yourself a favour and get one. I’ve been throwing mine all the time.

this and the Topdeck are definitely on my list now. Just gotta get some cash together.

How is it for fingerspins?

Fingerspins are pretty decent. Because of the nub, you can’t centre your finger in the middle though.

Centered fingerspins are overrated. My favourite yoyos to fingerspin on all have a nub.

I agree. I find yoyos that center your fingerspins are best to learn the basic fingerspin on but as you start doing anything beyond that (hops, catches, etc.) doing it with a yoyo with a flat hub is better. It just feels better and more rewarding too in my opinion.

Anyway, even if the Vector didn’t have a nub you still wouldn’t be able to do a centered fingerspin because the cup is flat.

I agree with you, a center spin is not necessary. However, I do find fingerspins easiest on hubs that centre your finger for sure.

Just got one, I actually like it a lot better than the urban! Feels more solid and has better spin times IMO

I have to disagree about the spin time. The Urban has a greater spin time I think.

Interesting. Hmm…maybe it’s the fit or shape? Never felt like the urban clicked for me and got full power into the throws…

urban is a dragon. you don’t just play with it. you soar on its back. infinite possibility. absolutely unfettered