Yoyofficer Nifty review

In a mere 3 years time, Yoyofficer has become one of the most influential Chinese high end brand in the international scene, and is probably the only one to attain such an achievement alone by their original team without resorting to recruiting any already established figure of the international community. Nevertheless, their insightful involvement in close cooperation with the Czech community conceived many a masterpiece under their name, essentially by building a bridge that brings together two vastly deviating ideologies of yoyo design and yoyoing in general. The Nifty appears as one such yoyo that epitomizes this effort.

Diameter: 58mm
This yoyo comes light but oversized. Accually it s the lightest yoyo in my current collection and the 4th largest in diameter.
It is comparable to the Irony JPX in width and diameter, but around 1.2g lighter.

-Elements and features

This yoyo has a unique type of blasted finish. In terms of grit size it lies somewhere between the Ironys and the Helium, but appears to be thinner than both. Not only is this finish good for grinding, it also feels very smooth in dry hands, not unlike the annular lathe marks of an unblasted yoyo.

The diameter of the flat hub is about ideal for a TG-style fingerspin.

However, the most noteworthy aspect of this yoyo lies in its unusually intricate and sophisticated side profile design.

Between A and C, the yoyo is inverse rounded. The protruding ridge B is never in contact with the string; and between point C and D, the string is also suspended. Moreover, point C roughly corresponds to the point where the rim starts thickening in the inner cup. This profile probably looks peculiar, but accually provides a potent solution to superimpose the thick, flat and comfortable rims of an H profile on a highly efficient inverse round core, while ultimately merging and morphing them into a V shape on the macro level. The ‘true rim’ beyond point D can now be thickened more than a straight V rim, while the cut step between C and D reduces the exposed rim surface area in a similar fashion to the cuts on the L5. The weight cut out from here is further fused around B to form a secondary rim, adding even more float and control to the yoyo.

Evaluation of Characteristics


Stock parts: The yoyo comes with a (surprisingly, fully functional) CTX bearing and response somewhat comparable to C3 white pads, OD pads and CLYW. The yoyo plays well with em right out of the box. I swapped the CTX bearing out for another yoyo knowing how rare functional CTX’s are (and how good they can be if they indeed are working)

Speed: This is a light, stable and heavily rim weighted yoyo made to fit any form of speed play, showing its typical Asian heritage. It can be pushed swiftly along a string for long distances due to its light weight, and also bounce through tight maneuvres thanks to the momentum its rims provide.

Horizontal: This oversized inverse round yoyo is a strong contender against the Irony X for the 4th place of horizontal spin time in my collection, after Irony 2013, KuyosGod and Horizon, all much heavier yoyos. This yoyo is also especially stable during hops, probably for its overall smooth V shape. It appears to be slightly less responsive to tilt changing tricks than typical inverse round yoyos, but sleep loss is still just as minimal.

Rejections: This yoyo has a large tangent angle, rounded rims and high linear velocity due to its large diameter. Rejections are smooth and cause very little tilt. I somehow thought this is worth special noting.


Price: Normally ~$70 is the typical upper limit of a Chinese made high end single-metal yoyo, and the Nifty does fit in this category very well by itself; I put it here instead of positive only because it somehow shows up suddenly 50% more expensive than the rest of Yoyofficers lineup for no reason.

number of available colorways
nuff said

but overall, this yoyo, as a few people like to put it, ‘performs YYR level’ and there is no real cons agianst its performance. As a trivial fact, it is probably unsuitable for people who prefer heavy or small yoyos.


wats up w alliterations

Thanks for the review! This one’s been on my radar!

Man, that was the best review that I’ve ever came across on here (as far as opinion and structure and detail go). Great job and good pics and comparisons. I hope to see more reviews like this from you in the future! Thanks! :slight_smile: