New YOYOFFICER Nifty and Imp!


The Nifty is the first collaboration model from YOYOFFICER, they teamed up with Czech Republic brand Berry to create a really fun, really playable yo-yo and we couldn’t be happier with the final product!

The Berry x YOYOFFICER Nifty has such a unique feeling – With the oversized design and lightweight shape it is unlike anything YOYOFFICER has created int he past.

Oversized and light weight? Yes! It may sound a little odd at first but the way these two companies were able to shape the weight distribution really pushes the Nifty to the next level!

The Nifty is light on the string, moves as fast as you can push it, and with the heavy rim weighted stepped profile this yo-yo has stability for days. This yo-yo is really perfect for any style – Anything from tight technical tricks, swooping slacks, or huge horizontal combos – The Nifty can handle it all!

Finished with a super smooth blasted finish and fitted with a grooved bearing and signature black YOYOFFICER pads the Nifty is ready to perform right out of the box!


The new YOYOFFICER Imp is an undersized yo-yo that packs a big punch!

The Imp is everything you look for in an undersized yo-yo but with the performance taken to the next level. The modern step-straight shape and light weight give this yo-yo a really fast and surprisingly stable play style. But where this yo-yo really shines is the maneuverability through fast technical tricks.

The Imp was designed to blaze through those tight turns and maneuvers without losing speed or stability. It really is one of the few undersized yo-yos geared toward competition level play!

So if you pack tight complex combos into your routine or just love the performance and convenience of a smaller throw then this little devil is for you!

Woo, good timing - been waiting for the Nifty and its early in the month ;). Ordered.

just curious is The berry a US name for the company barely legal?

Yeah it is, they kinda changed it so it would be appropriate in this case

^ Yup! I believe Berry was the company’s original name so they just switched it to make it a more appropriate name for all ages. Same yo-yo, just slightly different engraving.

It’s quite interesting story.

They started with name BL and names of their yo-yos was always connected with porn. Not sure why they went this way, for me it was always really childish. But nobody really cared, older guys maybe chuckled and ignored it and younger kids just had no idea what was going on. And since most people still has poor knowledge of english in Czech Republic, nobody really cared about it.

Later, Robert and Zdenek, guys behind Barely, decided to try their luck with clothing. They made some t-shirts with nice printing and also tried to sell their own type of pants. And you can’t name your fashion brand after porn, so they went with name “Berry” for this side project.

Many people expected they will fuse these two brands under name Berry, but their fashion company ended quickly and they stick with BL for yo-yos.

When we collaborated with them on Nifty, they finally find out, that BL name only brings unnecessary problems. So right now they are working on changing their brand’s name, maybe they will keep going with Berry, but it’s possible they will change to something completely different.


Thanks for that background Bina, it’ll be handy for when I add the Nifty to the Museum (since there are models with the BL name engraved too). BTW love the color choices on this one, very spacey feeling :slight_smile:

Although Berry to me automatically associates with spencer berry,
I m still grateful you didnt end up using Barely Regal or BL when releasing in Japan/China.