Yoyofficer - Fit - Blue/Silver Splash Game Prize

This is the Yoyofficer Fit I won for posting in the splash game! Thanks TotalArtist! It looks like a pretty sky to me! The question is, mostly sunny (left) or partly cloudy (right)?

The Fit is a heavy little undersized throw that plays, surprisingly, like a larger yoyo! It’s solid and not too floaty and wide enough to catch on the string easily… I think I like it!

What do you think?

Fit still available in the store here:



I modified your post to add the store link. :wink: I definitely went with the left side…it’s just gorgeous. I loved the weather references…they really “fit.” ;D

I like right there’s more whispy “clouds” on that side.

I voted left. Both sides are nice, but the clouds on the right look more washed out / blurry to me compared to the left side where they are very well defined.

Gorgeous little yoyo :slight_smile:

I like how the right looks like there is a cloud!