yoyofficer Brave

Anyone throw a Yoyofficer Brave yet? Thoughts?

Curious about the Aura, too…

I have been looking for Info on the Brave as well

I have a Brave. It is one of the Yoyo Officer throws that has helped convince me that the Chinese manufacturers can do more than copy and undermine on price. Yoyo Officer is making some innovative, well manufactured yo-yo’s that while incredible yoyo values; are fine throws regardless of price.

Although it looks somewhat like a Chief, the inner ring is much more subtle and does not protrude nearly as much as the Chief. This makes it more deliberate and less floaty than the Chief. I put the play much more like a OneDrop Code2 or an OG Avalanche. The spin is great, and the stability is up there with the Chief. The Brave is very smooth, especially for such a reasonably priced throw. The stock bearing that mine came with is superb. It is both quiet and long-spinning. While some Chinese throws have sketchy response; Yoyo Officer’s is great right out of the box. The anodization choices are wide and are first-rate.

All in all;, the brave is something that you would expect to pay $120 for. The design is well though out, the aesthetics are wonderful and the play is that of a $100+ throw all the way. I would recommend that anyone who has a chance; pick one up (get a Crayon and an Aura too!). You will not regret your purchase; I promise.


Thanks for that info, but if you actually payed 100+ dollars, you got ripped off. It costs about 50 bucks from a reliable online store.

Think he’s just saying it plays like it should cost that much…!

LIKE A BOSS!! No seriously, I love this yoyo.
Its solid, stable, fast, and spins ultra long. I actually like it more than the majesty! Now I really want some of their other throws!

Any vibe?..

I should have quoted my price directly; I paid $59 for a fancy-anodized one about two months ago. They might even be cheaper now.

Mine is smooth as anything from OneDrop. The only negative I could find was that the inner-lip of the inner-weight ring was a bit sharp, like it had not quite been hit by the polishing cones like the reset of the yoyo. Since my finger never finds its way there, I give that small imperfection a pass; and hope it is confined to my production run :wink:

Since their shapes are relatively simple My Crayon and Aura have a finish like I would expect from OneDrop or CLYW.